Who we are

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We're made up of a core team of Miss.Chiefs, trained in the art of facilitation & learning design at the world-leading institutes Hyper Island and Kaos Pilots. We take on challenges from teams, companies and communities who need help jet fueling their creative processes or developing their unique team dynamic.

Rosa Boon 


Co-founder & Miss Chief Rosa is our star in the field of creative consultancy. After gaining experience in advertising, she founded a travel agency focused on personal development trips to Bali for 17-21 year olds. Now she combines best of both worlds.



Emily Hinks

Our Founder & Miss Chief is an expert in Cultivating Creativity. Through her trailblazing career, she's developed a covetable toolkit of expertise and an unparalled knack for unlocking potential in people, teams, and organizations. 



Lete Hulscher

Miss Chief Lete is the rocket fuel behind our project delivery. Her background lies in branding & event coordination, before she was scooped up by Hyper Island to deliver tailored courses. As a co-founder at Mischief Makers she’s heading up our collaborators network.


On a project basis we connect with our vast network of multidisciplinary individuals; collaborators, makers, doers and thinkers, to meet every brief with the perfect combinations of expertise and discipline.
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